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Falcons vs. Dolphins 2015: Let's predict the first round of Atlanta roster cuts

Roster cuts are looming.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

After the Falcons watch the tape from Week 3 against the Dolphins, which is coming up this Saturday, they'll be tasked with cutting down their current 90 man roster to 75 players. That's not necessarily an easy thing to do, but with another 22 cuts coming the week after that, it's necessary.

I've taken a look at the roster as it currently stands, plus performances and snap counts to this point, and tried to pinpoint the players most likely to be cut. It's not exactly a scientific list, but I'm reasonably confident it'll be pretty accurate.

WR Marquez Clark
DT Joey Mbu
CB Michael Lee
G Eric Lefeld
DE Sam Meredith
LB Terrell Manning
QB T.J. Yates
TE DJ Tialavea
LB Boris Anyama
S Sean Baker
DT Derrick Hopkins
CB Jonathon Mincy
TE Mickey Shuler
C Valerian Ume-Ezeoke
T Matt Huffer

That's my best guess. There are no real surprises in here, and the Falcons could certainly throw a curve and settle the fullback battle now, or part ways with the underperforming Dezmen Southward. Sean Baker might be a mild surprise this early, but I think the staff will want to take a longer look at Robenson Therezie. The tougher cuts will come after the fourth preseason game, though.

Who do you think will get the axe?