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Report: QB Rex Grossman taking physical with Falcons today, may join team soon

Sexy Rexy may be the new Falcons backup quarterback very soon.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have given Sean Renfree and T.J. Yates a summer and two preseason games to prove one of them belongs as the team's backup quarterback, but neither has managed to seize the job outright. That leads us to today's news.

Frankly, I'm not a huge fan of this move, if it happens. The advantages Grossman brings to the table are myriad for Kyle Shanahan, since he's familiar with his former offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur, has the kind of strong arm Shanny likes, and is often called "Sex Cannon." On the other hand, he hasn't thrown a regular season pass since 2011, has always been prone to bonehead interceptions, and would thus seem to be a minor upgrade over Yates and/or Renfree, if any kind of upgrade at all.

On the other hand, there are happy people on Twitter.

Familiarity may win the day here, though, and if it does we'll just have to hope Grossman is a capable enough backup, or that Matt Ryan never cedes a snap to him. Yates and Renfree may still be able to seize the job with quality performances the last two weeks, but once Grossman gets in the building, my expectations for that outcome are pretty minimal. It's worth pointing out that he's expect to work out for the team this afternoon, and that this isn't the first time the Falcons have been linked to Grossman.

Give us your thoughts about Grossman, and we'll keep an eye out for news.