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Falcons waive 2014 fifth round pick Marquis Spruill, sign WR John Harris

It's a sad ending for a player who looked like he might have an impact in 2015.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Falcons have parted ways with last year's fifth round pick.

Though I was rooting hard for him, even I had to admit that Spruill's lack of snaps in the second preseason game didn't bode well. Spruill was returning from a deeply unfortunate injury to a crowded group of linebackers, and with Stansly Maponga, Tyler Starr, Joplo Bartu and Allen Bradford all playing pretty well, the Falcons must have decided he didn't have a shot to stick around. Spruill's big calling cards were his athleticism and special teams play, and with the injury probably affecting the former and Bradford looking great doing the latter, that was that.

The 2014 class continues to be one of the more divisive ones in recent memory. Jake Matthews, Ra'Shede Hageman, and Ricardo Allen all look good right now, but Spruill's gone, Prince Shembo is gone, and third round selection Dezmen Southward may be following those two out the door in the near future. A decidedly mixed bag, unless Southward and/or Starr blossom down the line.

I know next to nothing about Harris, a former Texas receiver who spent some time with the Eagles, and as McClure notes he's a body for preseason and practice with Roddy White missing some time. He'll need to be absolutely stellar to have a chance of beating out anyone in an already crowded receiving corps.

It's a shame Spruill's tenure ended like this in Atlanta, and I do hope he lands elsewhere and fares well.