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Falcons vs. Jets: Taking a look at Pro Football Focus scores

We take a look at some of the PFF scores for the game against the Jets.

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As part of our normal game coverage this year, you can look forward to reading about the scores various Falcons players received from Pro Football Focus (PFF). While we can't post the entire set of scores here, we'll highlight some of the best performers (and worst performers) and any other notable performances. If you're interested in advanced football statistics, you can visit PFF for more information.

The Good


Given that the starters were only in for two series, guys like Matt Ryan and Leonard Hankerson were able to get positive scores, but not substantial ones (+0.3, +0.5 respectively). So what offensive player earned the highest overall grade against the Jets?

Mike Person, with a +3.2. His 37 snaps at LG were very good with him registering +2.2 in run blocking and +0.9 in pass blocking.

Other notable names: Jake Matthews (+1.9, +1.1 run block, +0.7 pass block), Adam Replogle at center (+1.3, +1.4 run, -0.1 pass block) and Nick Williams at WR (+1.0).


There were quite a few good scores for the defense against the Jets, but in only 11 snaps, Adrian Clayborn earned the highest grade with a ridiculous +3.2, which was his overall score and pass rush score. Watching the game, it was clear that Clayborn was a wrecking ball against the Jets.

Other notable names: Paul Worrilow (+2.9, +2.3 pass coverage, +0.6 run defense), Jonathan Babineaux (+1.9, +1.9 run defense), Vic Beasley (+1.8, +1.8 pass rush) and Warren Herring at DT (+1.9, +2.6 run defense, -0.8 pass rush).

Special Teams

There were two names with significant scores for special teams: Matt Bosher, who put up a ridiculous +4.2 and Kevin White who registered a +1.5.

Other notable names: Grady Jarrett +1.0, Devin Hester +0.9, Allen Bradford +1.0

The Not So Good


As you would expect, most of the "not so good" performers were in the 2nd and 3rd string. Jake Rodgers at LT registered a pretty dismal -3.6 (-1.9 pass block, -0.8 run block) for the worst score of the evening. Jerome Smith came in with -3.2 playing 21 snaps at RB.

Other notable names: James Stone at LG (-2.0, -1.2 pass block, +0.1 run block), Terron Ward (-1.8), and Joe Hawley (-1.6, -0.7 pass block, +0.1 run block).


While Allen Bradford had a good night on special teams, his play on defense registered the worst PFF score on the team. The converted LB earned a -4.2 (-2.2 run defense, -2.0 pass coverage). Rookie corners Kevin White and Jalen Collins both struggled and ended up with -1.8 scores on the evening.

Other notable names: Maliciah Goodman -1.7, Tyler Starr -1.2, Akeem King -1.4, Grady Jarrett -1.3

Special Teams

On special teams, only Justin Hardy registered a grade that would go in the red with a -1.1. As Coach Armstrong would say, he was not good enough to be an a**hole.

What do you think of these PFF scores?