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Falcons vs. Jets 2015: Snap counts and notes from Week 2 of preseason

A full reckoning of Falcons snaps in the Week 2 preseason game, and what we can glean from that.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a complete accounting of offensive and defensive snaps for the Falcons in Week 2 of preseason, plus a limited look at the special teams snaps. We've got a few interesting notes to share along the way, as well.


Jon Asamoah: 43
Mike Person: 37
Nick Williams: 36
Justin Hardy: 35
T.J. Yates: 33
Jake Rodgers: 31
Adam Replogle: 30
Tyler Polumbus: 28
Terron Ward: 27
James Stone: 27
Jake Matthews: 27
Ryan Schraeder: 27
Levine Toilolo: 24
Sean Renfree: 23
Jerome Smith: 21
Leonard Hankerson: 20
Jacob Tamme: 19
Joe Hawley: 17
Carlton Mitchell: 17
DJ Tialavea: 17
Eric Weems: 15
Bernard Reedy: 15
Devin Hester: 14
Patrick DiMarco: 13
Jared Smith: 12
Eric Lefeld: 12
Pierce Burton: 11
Chris Chester: 11
Evan Royster: 11
Tony Moeaki: 10
Matt Ryan: 10
Mickey Shuler: 10
Julio Jones: 9
Mike Ford: 8
Matt Huffer: 8
Valerian Ume-Ezeoke: 8
Collin Mooney: 6
Marquez Clark: 4

Again, what snap counts tell us in preseason is chiefly what the coaching staff is hoping to see. By giving Jon Asamoah extended run this week, the Falcons are clearly aiming to give him a shot to win his job back. I'm not sure he did enough to earn that, considering he's a reserve, but he's put some real preseason snaps on tape for both the team's consideration and the consideration of any teams looking to acquire him, if Atlanta goes that route.

Jake Rodgers, Nick Williams, Justin Hardy, Mike Person, Adam Replogle, and Tyler Polumbus were among the beneficiaries of the coaching staff's generosity this week. Person and Hardy are very likely to make the final roster and are chiefly auditioning for larger roles. For Williams, who has been genuinely impressive, it's a chance to try to hang on as the team's likely sixth wide receiver. For Replogle and Polumbus, it's fighting a battle against long odds to make the final roster, though with Replogle it has more to do with the crowded interior of the line than it does with skill.

Despite starting and putting two impressive plays on tape, Collin Mooney only received six total snaps. Look for that count to increase in Week 3 as the team tries to settle the fullback battle, but he's looking like the potential favorite.


Joplo Bartu: 44
Stansly Maponga: 44
Allen Bradford: 40
Kevin White: 39
Dezmen Southward: 39
Jalen Collins: 36
Charles Godfrey: 32
Jonathon Mincy: 30
Warren Herring: 30
Robenson Therezie: 29
Tyler Starr: 29
Sam Meredith: 27
Ricardo Allen: 26
Sean Baker: 24
Phillip Adams: 22
Robert Alford: 22
Kroy Biermann: 22
Paul Worrilow: 22
Kemal Ishmael: 20
Grady Jarrett: 20
Cliff Matthews: 20
Malliciah Goodman: 19
Vic Beasley: 19
Justin Durant: 19
Jonathan Babineaux: 16
Paul Soliai: 15
Tyson Jackson: 15
Nate Stupar: 14
Travis Howard: 14
O'Brien Schofield: 14
Joey Mbu: 12
Adrian Clayborn: 11
Brooks Reed: 9
Derek Akunne: 8
Akeem King: 7
Michael Lee: 7
Boris Anyama: 5
Marquis Spruill: 5
Derrick Hopkins: 5
Terrell Manning: 5

Preseason muddies the snap picture a little bit, at times. For example, is Kroy Biermann only playing 22 snaps because that's the way game action worked out, because the coaching staff likes him enough that they don't need to see more of him, or because he doesn't have a realistic shot at making the team? The first or second options seem more likely in this case, but it's hard to be sure.

Many of these are obvious, however. For the second week in a row, the Falcons gave Bartu, Maponga, and Bradford a ton of run as they try to determine whether those three players are going to stick on the final roster. Bartu was solid enough, while Bradford looked strong on both defense and special teams, and Maponga picked up his second sack of the preseason. They're all making their cases, in their own ways.

The Falcons made a point of giving Southward and White equal time, and while neither was spectacular, White outperformed Southward again. The Falcons were generally gung-ho about giving UDFAs like Therezie and Meredith enough snaps to show something, and the former did more than the latter there. With Godfrey continuing to have a quiet summer, Therezie may actually be in the running for a spot.

Don't make any sweeping conclusions off any of these snap counts, because the picture on defense is far more muddled than on offense. Do keep a close eye on the top three guys listed here, though.

Special Teams

Tony Moeaki: 17
Collin Mooney: 16
Joplo Bartu: 16
Allen Bradford: 16
Matt Bosher: 14
Robenson Therezie: 14
Kevin White: 12
Nick Williams: 12
Patrick DiMarco: 12
Nate Stupar: 12
Justin Hardy: 11
Dezmen Southward: 11
Eric Weems: 10
Tyler Starr: 10
Derek Akunne: 10
Boris Anyama: 10

Please note that I'm cutting off at ten special teams snaps here, both because I don't want to list every snap count for special teams in a preseason game, and because these numbers are more illuminating anyways.

The Falcons are taking pains to determine whether players like Therezie, Moeaki, Mooney, White, Starr, etc. are special teams assets, which is a smart move if you're evaluating players who are firmly on the bubble. Bradford continues to look like a beast on specials teams, which may be enough to lock him on to the roster. Players like Southward and Starr who either didn't do particularly well on special teams or didn't play at all a year ago may need to show ST value to make it, so look for them to get a significant number of snaps again in Week 3. Right now, both look like coin flips.

Your thoughts on these snap counts?