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Falcons-Jets post-game injury report: T.J. Yates has a bruised ego

Fact: T.J. Yates likes to cuddle with a football when he's feeling scared or lonely

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons played a long, exhausting football game tonight. To be frank, there weren't a lot of of injuries, and as always, that's a good thing. Not sure if you can count T.J. Yates' bruised ego as an injury, but if you do, the prognosis isn't good.

The Falcons went into the game with their top three running backs inactive. That was a bit of a shock, because both Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman practiced yesterday. Most thought both men would get some touches tonight. As luck would have it, the running back injury bug struck again late in the second half. With under four minutes to play, Evan Royster was banged up and needed help to get off the field. He was walking very slowly, for what that's worth. He's got a bit of an injury history, and with at least four guys ahead of him on the depth chart, this certainly won't help his cause. (Even if he's got some familiarity with Kyle Shanahan's system.)

Robenson Therezie was injured in the first half while trying to take ball carrier's head off. To be frank, it looked like Therezie's tackle was a little high, and there might've been some helmet-to-helmet. He was officially diagnosed with a head injury and his return was questionable. Hate to say it, but that sounds like a concussion to me.

Finally, while this isn't a game-related per se, it was announced before the game that Roddy White has an "elbow injury." That may be better than having a shoulder injury. (That was the rumor earlier in the day.) In any case case, it's apparently not too serious.

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