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Falcons 14-Jets 16 at halftime: Time for the long slog

One more half to go.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons' starters powered through the Jets, putting up a 14-0 lead. That has since evaporated, pointing out both the problem with preseason games—all those backups—and the team's justifiable concerns with its depth.

In essence, this game has been hugely encouraging because of the superior display from the first team, as well as the second team's ability to rush the passer. From here on out, though, it's likely to be a slog as both teams dip deep into their rosters. You've seen what you needed to see tonight, however, and that was excellent play by Matt Ryan, Leonard Hankerson, Tyson Jackson, Robert Alford, and others as the starters did impressive work against a very solid Jets team. As long as t he team can get and stay healthy for this season, I'm about as bullish as I'm going to get about their chance in 2015.

We now roll into the second half. Join us and keep the discussion going here.