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Mercedes-Benz purchases naming rights to new Falcons stadium, set to open in 2017

The luxury

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A company now owns the right to name the slick new Falcons stadium, which means my esteemed colleague Jason Kirk will probably not get the Stankonia Dome name he dream of.

The luxury car company is building new headquarters in Atlanta that are set to open at the same time as the stadium, making this kind of a natural move. What makes this particularly interesting is that Mercedes-Benz already owns the naming rights to another NFC South stadium, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome the hated New Orleans Saints play in. I can't imagine they're just going to slap their brand name on the new Falcons' stadium in the same fashion, but I've underestimated brands before. I just hope it's a decent name after being spoiled with the Georgia Dome for a couple of decades.

Either way, though, that really expensive stadium is set to open in just a couple of years, so we can try to get all misty-eyed about the Georgia Dome over the next two seasons.

What do you think the name will be?