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Falcons Training Camp 2015: Trufant and Quinn Videos

Some quick videos for you to enjoy from day 2 of training camp.

I had the pleasure of attending the Falcons training camp on August 1st with our own Jeanna Thomas. While I'll be putting together my thoughts on camp in a separate write-up, we were able to capture video of both Desmond Trufant and Dan Quinn after practice. Both gave their thoughts on how camp has been going so far.

First up: Our video talking to Desmond Trufant, where he gives his thoughts on his interception of Ryan, how the secondary is doing and his thoughts on competing with guys like Julio and Roddy on a daily basis:

Next up is our video from Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn, who discusses the early returns on practice, some of the things that have surprised him, as well as his plan of attack for the practice today:

What are your thoughts on what Trufant and Quinn had to say about the August 1st practice?