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The FalcFans podcast breaks down a new era in Falcons football

A review of Falcons-Titans, and much more.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's a new era of Falcons football, and the FalcFans podcast crew are ready for it.

The duo of editor Aaron Freeman and Falcoholic writer Allen Strk break down all the action from the Falcons-Titans preseason game, including how the offensive line fared, the raging backup quarterback battle that may soon be rendered moot by a Rex Grossman signing, and much more. The two are then joined by our very own The DW, who joins them in discussing Malliciah Goodman's progress, the early struggles of Jalen Collins, and the beautiful, doomed Kroy Biermann.

Allen and Aaron also debate their top 15 cornerbacks in the NFL, and they (surprisingly) both agree on where Desmond Trufant stands in the NFL landscape. Hit the links below to check out the podcast and to subscribe so you don't miss an episode in the future.

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