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Are the Falcons interested in Rex Grossman, or vice versa?

Per a report from ESPN's Dianna Russini, the Falcons are interested in adding Rex Grossman to the roster. The AJC's D. Orlando Ledbetter challenges that, however.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

T.J. Yates didn't impress fans with his performance against the Titans last Friday, and while Sean Renfree has been pretty consistent throughout camp and the first preseason game, a report is circulating that suggests the Falcons may be looking to add a veteran presence at the backup quarterback position.

ESPN's Dianna Russini reported that the Rex Grossman turned down an offer from the New York Jets, who ended up signing Matt Flynn instead. While that transaction in and of itself probably isn't of particular interest to Falcons fan, the reason Russini gave certainly is.

D. Orlando Ledbetter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution challenges that assertion.

While Grossman has a long connection to Shanahan, it would be odd for the Falcons to bring in a backup in late August that hasn't thrown an NFL pass since 2011. I tend to think Ledbetter is right here, but since we don't know for certain, it's up for debate.

Grossman and Shanahan were together in Houston in 2009, when Shanahan was the Texans' offensive coordinator and Grossman was the backup to Matt Schaub. Shanahan and Grossman spent the 2010 through 2013 seasons together in Washington, and Grossman even spent some time in Cleveland last season when Shanahan was the Browns' offensive coordinator.

Grossman has an advantage over both Yates and Renfree in terms of experience. The 12-year NFL veteran helped lead the Chicago Bears to an NFC Championship victory and a Super Bowl berth in 2006.

Your thoughts on the Falcons potentially bringing in Grossman as a backup quarterback candidate?