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Introducing the Nate Stupar mailbag at The Falcoholic

The Falcons special teams ace will answer your questions once a week from now until the season.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes opportunity knocks, you open the door, and Nate Stupar's standing there ready to answer your Falcons questions. Today is one of those days.

Stupar, who you may know as one of the team's special teams aces and an upbeat presence on Twitter, will be your guide to the team from Flowery Branch and the Georgia Dome. If you're wondering about gameday rituals, what coaches are like, his expectations for the defense and special teams, and the raft of other questions that are probably floating around in your head right now, this is your best opportunity to ask.

We'll be doing this mailbag with Stupar on a weekly basis, so if your question doesn't get answered this week, be sure to submit anew next Monday.

Send your questions in via the comments here or by mentioning us on Twitter, and we'll get them answered a little later this week. Many thanks to Nate Stupar for participating, and hopefully he's a big part of a revitalized Falcons team in 2015.