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Falcons training camp 2015: Tracker and thoughts for 8/17

Welcome back to training camp.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After a few days off from training camp—and a preseason game mixed in, even—we're back to training camp practices for a little longer. Cling to these moments.

The Falcons took out the Titans Friday night, as you certainly know by now, but we have three full weeks of preseason left to go and plenty of practices along the way. Relatively few of those left are open to the public, so enjoy the heightened coverage and opportunity to get out to Flowery Branch while you can.

Today, we'll be hoping to see some progress from Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman, as well as how the offensive line stacks up after the first game. We'll know a lot more once the Jets game rolls around, but in the meantime, practices will help to illuminate things for us. I'll be particularly intrigued to see how playing time and practice snaps set up for the backup quarterbacks and in the cornerback corps, where Jalen Collins struggled and Kevin White played quite well.