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Falcons make roster moves: add RB, CB and LB, and oddly keep T.J. Yates

The Falcons are fired up to make Sunday morning roster moves.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Falcons churning their roster on Sunday morning? You bet they are. They finally filled up those last few roster spots, and cut an offensive lineman. Per the mother ship:

The Falcons today announced that they have signed CB Travis Howard, LB Terrell Manning and RB Evan Royster, and have released OL DeMarcus Love.

Not a whole lot to see here. The three new additions are probably a long shot to earn a final roster spot. If one of them makes it, is is unlikely it will be for long.

As expected, Howard is a tall and long corner with long arms and some physicality, but struggles to cover. He has yet to play in a game after two years in the league.

Manning has bounced around the league, but is a fringe talent that is likely here to take some preseason snaps.

Royster was with Kyle Shananhan in Washington and is a competent pass catcher. However, he is likely gone by the time Antone Smith, Devonta Freeman, and Tevin Coleman heal up.

Expect the bottom of Atlanta's roster to fluctuate regularly until after week one, when veteran minimum contracts are no longer guaranteed for the entire season.