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Falcons Uniform History: I see a Bad Moon Rison

#80 belongs to one of the best receivers in team history.

George Rose/Getty Images

Roddy White has put together an astonishing career in Atlanta, carving apart the team record book. Julio Jones is so gifted that he's got a good shot to break every record White just broke. That's enough to make you forget about legitimate franchise icons like Alfred Jenkins and Terance Mathis, who came before the team's current dynamic duo.

I doubt you've forgotten about Andre Rison, though. The clear best to wear #80, Rison was an absolute beast for five seasons in Atlanta, putting up over 400 receptions, 5,500 yards and 56 touchdowns over that short span. He was never as good as he was in Atlanta again, but that five year stretch was arguably the best one we've ever seen from an Atlanta wide receiver, and it certainly makes him one of the better pass catchers for the Falcons. That's not even mentioning that Bad Moon once had his house burned down by Lisa "Left Eyes" Lopes, which ranks as one of the weirder off-the-field footnotes in franchise history.

The rest of the list is predictably uninspiring. Wide receiver Tony Martin had two nice seasons for Atlanta in 1998 and 2001, while tight end Junior Miller was very solid for four years from 1980 to 1983. None of them can match Rison, of course.