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Don't look for the Falcons and Titans to scuffle tonight, because the NFL is cracking down

The league doesn't want any more broken jaws!

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason games can occasionally get a little bit charged, because it's early game action, you've got young players trying to prove themselves, and tempers flare up. The NFL has recognized that and is apparently putting its massive, money-smeared foot down.

It's not clear what kind of punishment might come from this, but the NFL has been particularly keen on cracking down on dumb penalties and fighting, which is one of the few enforcement actions the league has taken that I haven't been appalled by. The upside here is that teams that are a little more conscious of not fighting and not (hopefully) delivering cheap hits are teams that are less likely to injure one another, and with the need for a healthy Falcons team being so, so real this year, I applaud that.

No hitting Matt Ryan in the jaw, is what I'm getting at.