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Predicting the Falcons-Titans preseason game

Your best predictions, via a new widget.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are hoping to kick butt and dispense with the chewing of bubble gum tomorrow night against the Titans, and we're all dying to know how the game will go. Now's your chance to predict it.

My money's on the Falcons eking out a win here, though I'm willing to bet it'll be close once the reserves get involved, and perhaps sooner if the defense doesn't look ready for primetime. That would be a welcome outcome for a team that hasn't done a lot of winning of late, and it would mean this team does have capable starters and depth, or at least capable enough to triumph over the Titans.

We finally have something a little more sophisticated than the comments to use to track our predictions, which is a neat change for all of us. Use the tool below to register your predictions, and we'll see how many of us get ours right.