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Falcons training camp 2015: Tracking the last practice day before the Titans game

Just one day remains until the first preseason game, so let's enjoy this practice.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This is it. The Falcons get one final chance to figure out their gameplan, test their lineups and listen to Dan Quinn's favorite tracks before they host the Titans in the Georgia Dome.

You know what you're looking for by now. We want to see the offense hum, we want to see that defensive look wreak havoc on a still unsettled offensive line, and we want that offensive line to have some semblance of order and balance heading into tomorrow night. If everyone's healthy and the Falcons have a plan coming out of today, I think we'll all be pretty happy. If they come out of a strong performance against the Titans and come back to practice with a new intensity as we get closer to the first round of cuts, we'll all be really happy.

Enjoy practice today, and stay tuned for our Falcons-Titans coverage today and tomorrow.