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If you could steal one player from the Titans, who would it be?

Nab a player, any player, from Tennessee.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Before every game on the Falcons' slate, I like to ask if there's a player on the opposing team you'd take on the Falcons roster. The answer is usually yes, though you may have to think about it a little more, given the unfamiliarity of the Titans roster to the average Atlanta fan.

Would you take Jurrell Casey, adding an underrated defensive line presence to the team? With injuries to running back, would promising young power back David Cobb pique your interest? Perhaps you'd like the gifted, 6'5" wide receiver Dorial Beckham-Green to add to an already imposing set of wide receivers? Would you steal Marcus Mariota to ensure Matt Ryan has a backup you can feel good about? Or would you go the nostalgia route and bring back Harry Douglas or Jonathan Massaquoi?

I'd go with Casey. You can never have too many good defensive linemen, and Casey is a legitimate force of nature on the interior of that Titans line, a guy who would be right at home in the aggressive scheme we're told Dan Quinn, Richard Smith, and Raheem Morris favor.

Your call, friends. Share it in the comments.