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Matt Ryan, Julio Jones considered NFL MVP longshots, per Bovada

They're getting plenty of respect, but not necessarily from oddsmakers.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

While Matt Ryan has gotten some preseason MVP love and Julio Jones' ability is both feared and respected around the league, the duo are both considered longshots to come away with an MVP award in 2015.

That's the word per Bovada's NFL MVP odds, which list Matt Ryan at 40/1 and Julio Jones at 50/1. The latter is hardly surprising, given the rarity with which wide receivers win the award, but it's a little surprising to see Ryan ranking so far behind Drew Brees, who faces a year without Jimmy Graham, and both Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant, who sit at 25/1. Hopefully he (or Julio) can defy those odds.

There are reasons to be optimistic, if the Falcons' new-look offensive line can hold up. Ryan arguably has more weapons than ever, Julio is looking even leaner and faster, and the potential for a solid ground game should buoy the rest of the offense. Don't let this discourage you, in other words.

Check out the listed odds below and let us know what you think.

Bovada NFL MVP Odds

Aaron Rodgers (5/1)
Andrew Luck (7/1)
Adrian Peterson (12/1)
J.J. Watt (12/1)
Peyton Manning (16/1)
Le'Veon Bell (20/1)
Tom Brady (20/1)
Drew Brees (20/1)
Jamaal Charles (20/1)
Ben Roethlisberger (20/1)
Russell Wilson (20/1)
Odell Beckham (25/1)
Dez Bryant (25/1)
Calvin Johnson (25/1)
Eddie Lacy (25/1)
Marshawn Lynch (25/1)
DeMarco Murray (25/1)
Tony Romo (25/1)
Philip Rivers (33/1)
Joe Flacco (40/1)
Matt Forte (40/1)
Eli Manning (40/1)
Matt Ryan (40/1)
Matthew Stafford (40/1)
Ryan Tannehill (40/1)
Sam Bradford (50/1)
Antonio Brown (50/1)
Jay Cutler (50/1)
Andy Dalton (50/1)
Julio Jones (50/1)
Colin Kaepernick (50/1)
Cam Newton (50/1)
Demaryius Thomas (50/1)