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Quinn has two turntables and a microphone, and a new coaching philosophy

Dan Quinn has Flowery Branch bumping to a new beat.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

And that funky beat is being laid down by the training camp DJ. That loud music is giving camp a high energy that shows exactly how much and how quickly Quinn has changed the team's philosophy, per an in-depth article from Alex Marvez of Fox Sports.

Most fans wanted a culture change with the Falcons after two disappointing, nearly identical back-to-back seasons to finish out the Mike Smith era. Those changes are happening. Starting with the aforementioned DJ.

Taking a page from Seattle's Pete Carroll, new Falcons head coach Dan Quinn has radically changed the environment in which the club trains....

Quinn said that wanting a "high-energy" practice environment isn't the only reason for the sonic blasts. Quinn wants to prepare his players for the game-day environment in which music and crowd noise are usually deafening both at home and on the road.

The change is impressive. Previous Falcons camps had been excruciatingly vanilla, and the same lack of urgency could be seen throughout the entire season. It was as if disinterest had been instilled into the team from the top down. That problem should be gone.

Falcons center Joe Hawley notices a positive difference in the tempo of the defense, which is where Quinn spends the majority of practice coaching. "Those guys are playing with a lot more energy than last year," Hawley said. "It's fun to see them attack the ball."

The change has been so drastic, some players have struggled to comprehend Quinn's enthusiasm for the game.

Quinn's enthusiasm has quickly struck a positive chord with Falcons players who were accustomed to the more buttoned-down (albeit still largely successful) style of predecessor Mike Smith.

"Every day guys are like, 'Man, is this real? Is this really happening?'" said outside linebacker O'Brien Schofield, who followed Quinn from Seattle as a free agent. "I'm like, 'Yeah.' He wants you to be loose and have fun. "He talks about it all the time. He doesn't want guys to come out and play uptight. He wants you to be able to turn it loose and let 'er rip. You're playing with your brothers. It's the game you've been playing since we were kids. Nothing has changed."

In the article, Matt Ryan and Hawley discusses Quinn getting players to buy into the team's new philosophy, and the improvement they expect with the new offensive line scheme and more balanced dedication to the run game.

There has been a lot of talk about players losing weight, and Marvez's article finishes off with the mention that William Moore reported to camp last year at 230 pounds. Which is also literally Paul Worrilow's listed weight. A starting safety weighing the same as a starting middle linebacker should probably be a giant warning sign that your defense is going to be terrible.

However, Moore has dropped 13 pounds, and says he is down to his high school weight. Players seem to be buying in, and Quinn has been bringing the intensity and hands-on work that this team has been so desperately missing. The Falcons could be headed for a drastic turnaround sooner rather than later, in part thanks to some uptempo beats.