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Falcons Uniform History: Mike Kenn is the obvious choice

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Quick: Rattle off a few of the best players ever to suit up for the Falcons. If your list doesn't include Mike Kenn, it's invalid.

We were champions of Kenn's Hall of Fame case this past year for a good reason: He's one of the better left tackles ever to play in the NFL, he's certainly one of the best Falcons ever, and he's somehow still criminally underrated. During his 17 seasons in Atlanta, he started 251 games, consistently mauling opposing defenders and keeping the pocket clean for a diverse cast of quarterbacks. The teams around him often weren't good, but that was hardly Kenn's fault.

No one else comes close, and so I'm not going to spend a lot of time discussing them. Simply put, this is the biggest landslide we've yet seen, and maybe will see the rest of the way.

We salute Mike Kenn, the obvious #78, and hopefully he'll be in the Hall of Fame.