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Falcons Uniform History #67: Hey Moe

A defensive tackle that weighs less than a Mack truck?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In team history, quite a few players have worn the number 67 over the years. The list is a veritable smorgasbord of forgetful names. Guys like Calvin Miller, Michael Moore and Kyle Jolly barely show up on the radar. Guys like Dan Grimm and Ben Wilkerson lasted for longer than just training camp, but barely register otherwise. There are a few names who had a little bit of an impact, and one that stands out.

Eric Sanders

From 1981 to 1986, Sanders played offensive tackle for the team. In those 6 seasons, he started 21 games before being traded to the Lions. Though he would last 13 years in the NFL, he was little more than a rotational guy who found a way to hang around for a remarkable amount of time.

Mal Snider

Between 1969 and 1971, Snider played at right guard and left tackle for the Falcons. In his 3 seasons with the team, he started 26 games. He would play another 3 seasons in Green Bay, but like Sanders, he had a rather forgettable career.

Moe Gardner

At 6'2" and only 265 pounds, Gardner was not your prototypical defensive tackle. Yet, between 1991 and 1996, Gardner played that very position for the Falcons. In those six years, Gardner would play in 90 games, starting in 85 of them. The former 4th round pick out of Illinois would have his best season in 1993, when he registered 128 tackles along with 2 sacks. In total, he would round out his career (all with the Falcons) with 420 tackles and 10 sacks. Though Gardner never reached a Pro-Bowl in his time with the team, he was a decent quality starter who had a few very good seasons.

As such, that makes Gardner the best Falcons player to have ever worn #67. Your thoughts on the undersized defensive tackle?