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What will make 2015 successful for the Atlanta Falcons?

Nothing less than a winning season, and for many, that won't be enough.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

When we're considering what lies ahead for the Atlanta Falcons, we all have dreams of Super Bowls to come. This year, though, our expectations must be more muted.

Whether this season is a success or not hinges on many factors and your perspective, but I thought it would useful to discuss what the baseline is for the fanbase. Do we consider a 9-7 season a success, or does it need to be a little more robust in terms of wins? Do the Falcons need to win the NFC South or just earn a wild card? Heck, would some of us be happy if the Falcons simply didn't embarrass themselves this year?

For me, it's a winning season. This team has the talent to make a playoff push and perhaps even make noise in the postseason, but expecting a team with a brand new head coach and some major roster holes still remaining to land a Super Bowl berth is probably a little much. A winning season with some real progress from the team, particularly the younger players, would set Atlanta up for long-term success and a chance to really make a splash in 2016 and beyond. That's what I hope for, and that's what I'll at least half-expect.

How about you?