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Falcons who may break franchise records in 2015

There are three marks that could be broken by Falcons players this season.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, it seems a few Falcons have the opportunity to break some franchise records and achieve new milestones. This year is no exception, even if the milestones aren't quite as eye-popping.

This list isn't as robust as it has been in years past, because the team has a very young backfield, Matt Ryan already broke every franchise passing mark (except one, which we'll get to below) and Roddy White holds all the receiving marks. What's left is primarily special teams-related, but Matt Bryant has a chance to hit a couple of marks I didn't think he'd have the opportunity to break, which is cool.

Here's the list.

  1. Matt Ryan, games played by a quarterback. This is the only quarterback-related record left for Matt Ryan to break outside of interceptions thrown, and hopefully he's years away from that mark. Currently, Ryan trails Steve Bartkowski by just 13 games, so a healthy season will ensure he breaks this.
  2. Matt Bryant, field goals made. Something will have gone horribly awry if Matt Bryant has to boot this many field goals, yes, but I suppose it's within the realm of possibility. The goateed leg currently needs 36 to tie Morten Andersen's franchise mark of 184 field goals made, and he booted 32 a year ago. It's worth remembering that a better offense should mean less field goals and more touchdowns, however.
  3. Matt Bryant, extra points made/attempted. Bryant is currently 34 extra point attempts and 32 extra points made behind Andersen, and should eclipse this mark easily by season's end if the offense can hold up its end of the bargain. Fun fact: In 222 tries, Bryant has never missed an extra point.
  4. Matt Bosher, yards per punt. Oh wait, Bosher actually has this mark. If he continues at his current level, he'll have beaten the next closest punter (Rick Donnelly) by a full three yards. Crazy.

Once Julio Jones gets a couple more years under his belt and Vic Beasley gets working on that sack record, we should have more to talk about. As for the short list above, how many do you think we'll see broken in 2015?