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Sports Illustrated analyst calls Matt Ryan 9th best NFL quarterback

The most creative quarterback rankings clearly goes to SI's Andy Benoit.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Early on Monday, Sports Illustrated's film guru tweeted out his quarterback rankings. They were... interesting. Let's jump right to it.

Wow. Joe Flacco? That is bold, considering young Ryan Tannehill passed for more yards with the same touchdown to interception ratio. Some of this is just plain weird. Is Matt Ryan the 9th best quarterback in the league? I would suggest that is too low by a few spots.

If you think you have heard Benoit's name recently, you have. Benoit broke down film on Demarco Murray, which caused Jimmy Kempski of the PhillyVoice to kindly question Benoit's analysis and integrity. Benoit later voiced an unpopular opinion regarding women's soccer, and then women's sports in general. Things did not work out well for Benoit. He has had a worse offseason than the San Francisco 49ers.

But back to the rankings. Ryan appears low. I'd move him above the likes of Joe Flacco, Philip Rivers, and (just barely) Andrew Luck. Ben Roethlisberger is coming off a fantastic season, but Peyton Manning is coming off a season where he fell apart down the stretch. Ryan could make sense between those two as 5th best quarterback.

What do you think about the rankings, and where would you put Matt Ryan on this list?