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Who will lead the Falcons in every statistical category?

A thought exercise for a Saturday night.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

There should be a few standout performers for this Falcons team in 2015, no matter how well the season actually goes. Considering those potential breakout players, I ask you this: Who will lead the team in every major statistical category?

Here's a full list for your consideration, Falcons fans:

Passing yards:
Passing touchdowns:
Rushing yards:
Rushing touchdowns:
Receiving yards:
Receiving touchdowns:
Forced fumbles:
Field goal percentage:
Punt average:
Kick return yardage:
Punt return yardage:

Go ahead and copy that into a comment and give us your choice for each one. I won't influence your voting with my opinions, except to say that the guy whose smiling mug appears on top of this story is the guy I'd choose to lead the team in sacks, and it's not a particularly difficult choice.

Some of these are ridiculously easy, like passing and receiving. Others, like rushing, forced fumbles and interceptions, may require a little more thought. Either way, give me your best list.