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Falcons training camp 2015: Injured players return in droves for first practice

Good news, everyone!

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp kicking off is terrific. Having nearly everyone back on the field and practicing is the delicious icing on the training camp cake.

Not all of these guys are 100%, but with even Dezmen Southward back on the field, the only truly noteworthy player missing any time is Lamar Holmes, who has a broken bone in his foot and is on the camp PUP list. It's particularly critical for the team that starters like Asamoah and Moore get in their reps now, while players like Spruill, Southward and Konz are all fighting for roles on this roster.

There have been some minor cramping issues for players thus far in the heat, most notably Vic Beasley, but hopefully that'll be the extent of the issues for the team today. We'll keep you posted on everyone's progress in the hours and days ahead.