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Falcons Uniform History: Remember Kynan Forney?

The best Falcon to wear #65 is a guard who protected Michael Vick for years.

Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

Certain numbers are iconic numbers in Falcons history, while others are swiftly lost to the swirling mists of time. That's the case for #65, which features a pair of memorable players I didn't really associate with the jersey.

The first is Don Smith, a jack-of-all-trades defensive tackle, nose tackle, and defensive end who spent six seasons with the Falcons from 1979 to 1984. The big man forced nine fumbles during his time in Atlanta, served as a capable run defender and added 15.5 sacks, all of those coming in just three of those seasons. He was an effective player whose career wound down pretty rapidly after he left Atlanta, sadly.

The second is our pick for the best ever to wear the position, one Kynan Forney. You may remember Forney as one of the key cogs on the Michael Vick-era offensive lines, serving as one of Vick's blindside protectors and an enabler for the team's terrific ground game during those years. Over the best three year stretch of his career, the arguably underrated Forney started every game and was one of the team's better linemen. He spent a total of six seasons in a Falcons uniform.

The only other guy who really belongs in the conversation is former Falcons center Roman Fortin, who locked down the position for years until the Falcons soured on him 1997, leading him to seek his fortunes with the San Diego Chargers during Atlanta's magical 1998 Super Bowl season.

Your thoughts on Forney, Smith and Fortin?