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If you could restart the career of one player on the current roster, who would it be?

Fact: Lamer Holmes' blood type is jelly donut

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have done a lot of things well in the Thomas Dimitroff era. Win playoff games? Check. Draft a franchise quarterback? Check. But player development is an obvious exception.

While you have to admire Dimitroff's tenacity, mountain biking skills, and unmatched knowledge of hair products, he's occasionally handed the coaching staff some real projects. Couple that with Mike Smith's inability to properly use the personnel at his disposal and the result is a handful of current Atlanta Falcons who haven't reached their potential.

While several guys come to mind, Lamar Holmes and Antone Smith would top my list. Holmes is a former third round draft pick who hasn't had an easy road. The Falcons rushed his development at times and the injury bug hasn't done him any favors. Smith has endured a slightly different fate. A fantastic contributor on special teams throughout his time with the Falcons, but Smitty hated his face the Falcons only recently discovered his talents as a running back.

So in this this fictional world, where restarting a players career is possible, who is your guy? Discuss!