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Report: NFL allowing teams to offer post-season ticket reservations during pre-season

Fact: USPS delivers Dan Quinn's mail on Sunday

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

If all goes according to plan, the Atlanta Falcons will make the playoffs and run the table in 2015. It won't be easy, but with Dan Quinn at the helm, it's at least a possibility, right? And if you're feeling really confident in Quinn's abilities, you will soon be able to reserve playoff tickets.

The league has required all 32 clubs to notify their fan bases before the regular season begins that they can reserve tickets for any postseason game the team might host in that season. The resolution was passed in March at the owners' meetings.

Here's how this works: if you're a season ticket holder, you can be placed on a playoff tickets waiting list. All NFL teams are doing this; in fact, the Broncos already sent out a letter to their season ticket holders explaining the process. You won't have to wait until the regular season kicks off to get on said list and there's no immediate financial obligation. Also, teams will compile this list during the pre-season.

I'm skeptical, if only because it feels way too early. The prior system had teams reaching out before the playoff picture was totally clear, and to be frank, that annoyed me. While I understand the need to sell tickets, aren't there better ways to improve sales? If there's a defense of this system, it's that you don't have to pay to get on the list.

Your thoughts?