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The Falcons are one of the lighter, shorter teams in the NFL

We're used to this, right?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago, the Falcons added serious beef to a defense that was often derided as being too puny to hold the point of attack, and as a result the team was one of the heavier units in football. It didn't make a lick of difference.

Hat tip to Bleeding Green Nation for everything that follows.

This year, the Falcons are lining up as one of the shorter, lighter teams in the NFL, ranking as the 9th lightest, 4th shortest overall squad. While this may prompt flashbacks to the Mike Smith era, there's a difference of about eight pounds between the heaviest and lightest team, and less than an inch on average for the tallest and shortest teams, so this isn't overly significant. I've lined up the weight chart below.

Colts 250.74
Panthers 250.26
Giants 250.00
Ravens 249.63
Jets 249.45
Packers 248.70
Dolphins 248.35
Titans 248.06
Bengals 247.84
Patriots 247.77
Texans 247.37
Seahawks 247.34
49ers 247.17
Eagles 247.10
Steelers 246.54
Saints 246.52
Vikings 246.44
Chargers 246.20
Broncos 245.93
Bills 245.91
Redskins 245.36
Lions 245.33
Cardinals 244.98
Falcons 244.79
Cowboys 244.63
Chiefs 244.28
Bears 243.96
Jaguars 243.75
Raiders 243.67
Browns 243.25
Buccaneers 242.61
Rams 242.30

It's worth noting, of course, that the terrifying Rams team that has one of the best defenses in football also ranks as the lightest team in the NFL, so there's no direct correlation between weight and success. There's even less between height and success, so this is more of a novelty than a predictive model of anything.

Even so, see any teams you'd like to mock on the list above?