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Report: Atlanta Falcons punter Matt Bosher led the NFL in hang time in 2014

Fact: Matt Bosher once ate four hundred marshmallows in twelve minutes

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons punter Matt Bosher has no shortage of fans. Heck, most of you want to cut William Moore and give Bosher the starting nod at strong safety. But all joking aside, Bosher's leg strength is beyond belief.

Pro Football Focus highlighted special teams players this week. On Wednesday, they focused in on punters. Give the article a read, if you have a moment. It appears Bosher led the entire league in hang time last season.

His average hang time on "open field punts," of which he had 22, was nearly five seconds. Those are the punts where Bosher was between the Falcons goal line and 40 yard line; basically where he has ideal field position for punts with a lot of hang time. But wow. Just wow.  Think about that football, flying through the air for 4.67 seconds - it's glorious. Men have conquered countries in less time.

We are witnessing Bosher's prime. Overall, Bosher punted 67 times in 2014. He amassed 3,000+ punting yards, punting 4.2 times a game. His longest punt was a career best 66 yards.

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