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Ranking NFL quarterbacks and reviewing Falcons history with the FalcFans Podcast

It's a busy week for Aaron and Allen.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The FalcFans podcast brings you a lively quarterback debate and one of their vaunted Falcons tape reviews to spice up your dull Thursday morning. Don't thank them, they're just doing what they do best.

Listen in to Aaron Freeman, editor-in-chief of FalcFans, and The Falcoholic's Allen Strk as they discuss where Matt Ryan ranks, who's overrated and who is underrated, Peyton Manning's aging and the proper way to evaluate the oft-divisive Russell Wilson. Be sure to share your own personal top 15s and your opinion on the debate in the comments, as well.

In the second hour, the duo reviews a Falcons-Cowboys game from October 1995, which you'll find embedded below. If you don't remember this one, no spoilers from me, except to say you really need to listen to the commentary to understand why this particular game was chosen.

Click here to listen to the full episode

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