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Madden 16 Rookie Player Ratings: Vic Beasley ranks in the top 10

Vic Beasley should give the Falcons defense a boost in Madden NFL 16.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If you've played Madden with the Falcons over the past two years, you know there's not much you can do with the defense.

Vic Beasley could help make that unit a bit respectable in this year's game. EA Sports released the top 10 rookie ratings in Madden NFL 16, and Atlanta's eighth overall draft pick rounds out the list with an overall rating of 77.

Here are his other key ratings:

Speed: 88

Strength: 87

Acceleration: 89

The speed is a welcome addition to a Falcons defense that desperately needs it, both in Madden and in real life. Players who user control Beasley will be able to apply pressure on the opposing quarterback and cover tight ends and some receivers.

His strength and acceleration makes him deadly coming off the edge. Depending on his block shedding rating, Beasley could become a one-man wrecking crew in the hands of an adept player.

For comparison's sake, Amari Cooper tops the class with an 82 overall rating. University of Georgia fan favorite Todd Gurley has an 80 overall rating and Dante Fowler Jr. is rated 79.

What do you think of Beasley's Madden rating?