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The Falcoholic's plan to cover Atlanta Falcons training camp

A public service message for our readers.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Generally speaking, we want to crank out the news and not talk about how we do it, because who cares how the sausage is made if it's delicious? Because training camp is such a big deal

This year, Jeanna Thomas will be at Flowery Branch for most every practice, bringing immediate updates on Twitter (follow her!) and roundups of practice performances, comments from players and coaches, and mailbags with your questions. She'll be joined at various times by The DW, Alex Welch and other staff members who will provide some big picture looks at what's going on with Falcons position battles and heart attacking-inducing training camp sandwiches. If you liked what we brought you a year ago when the site was first credentialed, I expect you'll love everything we have this year.

Because you guys know what you want from us, please do comment here with the kinds of updates and stories you're hoping to see. The entire Falcoholic team will be providing takes and analysis based on what we learn from training camp, but posing questions to Jeanna is the best way to ensure you'll see what you want, because she'll be standing ten feet away from all the action. We'll round up all our training camp coverage in an easy-to-access group I'll be setting up this week.

Look for a full-fledged training camp preview in the week ahead, as well. Hit us with your questions.