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The most underrated Atlanta Falcon

The one player who gets far less credit than he should.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

When you play for a team like the Atlanta Falcons, who are not media darlings during their best years and are more or less an afterthought in their worst, quality play isn't always enough to get you noticed. That certainly leads to some very good players being severely underrated.

Such is the case in Atlanta, where quality players like Jonathan Babineaux and arguably even Matt Ryan have gotten less than their due despite a consistently high level of play. Because I always enjoy where these winding discussions go, I'd love to hear your take on the most underrated player in a Falcons jersey.

My nomination? With Babs getting older and Ryan getting a little more love this offseason than I'm accustomed to, I'm tempted to say William Moore. The injuries that have robbed him of real time haven't diminished his considerable skill, and I think they've caused many around the NFL to forget that he's an impact player. Hopefully he can remind everyone in 2015.

Some brave soul on our Facebook page even suggested that Josh Harris is the most underrated long snapper of all-time, so certainly he deserves some discussion. Have at it!