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Your most coveted collectibles in Atlanta Falcons history

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

A game-worn, signed Jessie Tuggle jersey. A Steve Bartkowski rookie card. A photo of Julio Jones leaping up and intercepting Russell Wilson's desperation heave at the end of the 2012 NFC Championship Game.

These are memorable items for memorable players and memorable moments, and they're forms of memorabilia any Falcons fan would be happy to get their hands on. I know that many of you have massive collections of these kinds of prized items, but there may be a few that elude you. Today, I'm asking you about both your favorite Falcons collectible you own and one you wish you had.

For me, the greatest piece I own is a 1998 Super Bowl program for the Falcons, a gift from one of our wonderful longtime readers. The one thing I would absolutely commit non-violent crime for is the first item I mentioned, a game-worn jersey from my favorite player of all-time. Perhaps someday my wise investments in emerging technology like the Betamax will allow me to buy one.

For a franchise with a fairly grim history, though, there's no denying that there are many great moments and great players worth memorializing via what experts call "stuff." I'm certain that devoted Falcoholics have some cool things to share, and this being the tail end of the long, slow offseason, let's talk about it now.

Share the most coveted memorabilia you own or would like to own (and just your favorites) in the comments here, on Facebook and on Twitter.