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The FalcFans podcast talks comedy, reviews tape from a 2012 Falcons game

This is a fun one.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The FalcFans crew keeps things entertaining during the dead heart of the offseason, bringing you a far-ranging talk with a terrific comedian and a review of another game from the memorable 2012 season.

Aaron Freeman of FalcFans fame and our own Allen Strk talk to comedian Sarah Tiana, a lifelong Falcons fan, who compares the Patriots to Al-Qaeda (which might be one step too far, but I appreciate the comparison), Vic Beasley, and what it's like to write for FOX's NFL Sunday pregame shows. If you're interested in learning more about Tiana after hearing her chatting with the FalcFans crew, follow her on Twitter.

In addition to this week's special guest, Aaron and Allen spoil us by reviewing the 2012 Falcons-Chargers game, an absolute blast of a Week 3 contest that saw Atlanta steamroll their way to a 27-3 victory. As always, expect great insights from that game, which seems like a distant memory after 2013 and 2014. You'll find the accompanying video at this link.

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