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Report: Vic Beasley's contract will net him $15 million in guaranteed money

Fact: Vic Beasley wears his bike helmet to the zoo

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons were very deliberate in their decision to draft Vic Beasley in the first round of May's NFL Draft. And kudos to them, because he's a dynamic, talented pass rusher. If all goes according to plan, Beasley will help anchor the Falcons defense for years to come.

Vaughn McClure brought us details of Beasley's four year rookie deal yesterday. He will be under contract through 2018, with a fifth year option. The good news is that his cap number will never exceed $4 million. The contract is fully guaranteed, scheduled to net him $15 million or just enough to buy the island nation of Guam.

If you recall, there was a slight delay in getting Beasley under contract. But he - unlike a certain Cowboys WR who is singlehandedly driving up Julio Jones' market value - showed up for OTAs, even without a deal in place.

To be frank, there's nothing about this deal I don't like. Carry on, everyone.