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Not concerned about vanity, Atlanta Falcons LS Josh Harris just gets it done

Fact: Josh Harris has a pet iguana named Francois

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long, tiring off-season. We've inundated you with recaps, player reviews, predications, and really bad speculative analysis. With training camp on the horizon, you're all aching for some real, substantive news. You want this season to kick off like Caleb wants a pristine condition Pikachu illustrator card.

But no offseason is complete without honoring the unheralded heros that make your franchise tick. So come on up, Josh Harris, because it's your turn.

Let's start with a little background on Harris. The Falcons signed him out of Auburn after he somehow went undrafted in 2012. He won a national championship during his Auburn days. While Harris was only an NFL prospect because he longs snaps like a boss, he did run a sub-five second forty yard dash at the combine. He also put up fifteen repetitions in the bench press. In three years with the Falcons, he's racked up 10 tackles - and six of those were solo!

So why should you give Harris credit? Simple. We often sing the praises of bionic cyborg manchild punter Matt Bosher and ageless wonder kicker Matt Bryant. Both Bosher and Bryant have kicked butt and taken names in recent years. But neither Bosher nor Bryant achieve their success without Harris. Harris stays under the radar because he doesn't mess up. By not messing up, he maximizes Bosher and Bryant's potential. For that, we adore him. Here's to you, Joshua. You the man.