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Falcons Uniform History: #49 oh no, please make this stop

This may be the tightest race of all.

Nine players have worked #49 in Atlanta Falcons history. And they are fiercely battling for the best to ever wear 49. They are also in a tight race for worst to ever wear 49.

Glenn Glass. DB and WR. 1966.

Returned one kick for the Falcons during his partial season with the Falcons someone please help is 49 cursed?

Floyd Hudlow. DB. 1967-1968.

Two interceptions, one punt return, and two kick returns across two seasons oh man this just keeps getting worse. He switched to 24 in 1968 to make way for Jimmy Burson.

Jimmy Burson. DB. 1968.

Caught four interceptions in his one season in Atlanta, and ran one back for a touchdown. Also a mediocre punt returner. He was out of football next season.

Al Lavan. DB. 1969-1970.

Five interceptions and one kick return across two seasons before he was out of football oh man this is why Falcons fans are always depressed.

Allama Matthews. TE. 1983-1985.

Levine Toilolo puts Allama Matthews to shame, as Matthews was only able to manage 11 catches across three terrible, terrible seasons. This makes Matthews in the running for the best to ever wear 49.

James Primus. RB. 1988-1989.

35 carries and two kick returns across two depressing, disappointing, empty seasons. Even Steven Jackson thought Primus had a disappointing 2.7 YPC. Are we done yet? Please tell me we are done.

Brian Saxton. TE. 1997.

If you remember Brian Saxton, you are a liar. He caught zero passes during his one season in Atlanta, before falling out of the league entirely, crashing to the earth like all of our hopes and dreams.

Dallas Neil. TE and P, seriously. 2000.

The Falcons love affair with players from Montana started in 2000, and picking up UDFA Dallas Neil, who could play both tight end and punter. He never did either for the Falcons. Number 49 is like a great sum up of Atlanta Falcons history.

Youri Yenga. LB. 2011.

Maybe you recall Yenga's two tackle assists in 2011 preseason? No? Oh, OK, me neither.

The sweet conclusion.

Finally! No more players! Who is the best out of all of these players? Current Falcon and UDFA Derrek Akunne, who has the potential to be the best Falcon to ever wear 49 by simply not washing out of the league by September. Congrats!