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Falcons Uniform History: T.J. Duckett trucks the competition at #45

The former bruising Falcons back is the best to wear the number.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Sometimes these are easy, and #46 has one name that jumps out from the list, even if he was never a truly great player. That player is T.J. Duckett.

We are talking about a man who scored 34 touchdowns in just four seasons as Falcon, with a yards per carry average just over four. He was the ideal, hammer-like thunder to Warrick Dunn's lightning, and the primary goal line back in one of the most fearsome rushing attacks of the last decade. With Michael Vick always a threat to scramble and Dunn so feared in his own right, Duckett simply had to function like a battering ram to be useful, and he did so with aplomb.

He finished his Falcons career with those aforementioned 34 scores, nearly 2,200 rushing yards and 29 receptions for about 220 yards. We'll always fondly remember those touchdowns.

Your primary competition here comes in the form of Tom Moriarty and Darrell Walker. The latter spent four years as a cornerback with Atlanta, picking seven passes and starting 29 games, while the former spent four years a special teams whiz for Atlanta and returned eight kickoffs in that time.

One last fun bit of trivia: Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt was a Falcon tight end for four seasons, and he also wore #45. The things you learn.

As a reminder, check out Andrew Hirsh's excellent profile of Duckett's post-football life right here.