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Julio Jones Makes NFL Top 100 at Number 13

Ryan's favorite target lands inside the top 20 of the NFL Top 100 for 2015.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

For those who put any stock in the NFL Top 100, the Falcons very own Julio Jones has cracked the top 20 of the list for 2015 at lucky number 13. There's little doubt that he belongs at the top of any list like this, despite the overall season the team had in 2014.

Despite missing most of the 2013 season with a foot injury, Julio was able to bounce back in 2014 in a big way. Jones would finish the season with 104 receptions for 1593 yards and 6 TDs. He single handedly destroyed Patrick Peterson in week 13, when he went off for 10 receptions for 189 yards and a TD. Peterson still has nightmares about that game.

Not one to be content with dismantling one of the better thought of corners in the league, Julio followed up that performance with an even more ridiculous game in Green Bay. He and Ryan connected on 11 passes that went for a ridiculous 259 yards, as the Green Bay secondary was forced to contemplate whether they deserved their paychecks that day.

Though the Falcons and Julio are still working on a long-term deal, there's little doubt that he's incredibly valuable to the team. Ryan and Julio have formed an undeniable chemistry that makes them nearly unstoppable when our QB has the time he needs in the pocket. Although the Falcons are focused on getting better in the run game, Julio will still be the premier weapon for the team. He's just too good not to be.

Your thoughts on Julio making it inside the top 20?