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Falcons Uniform History: Unlucky and unloved #13

There are no great options for #13.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Spoiler alert: This is one of the grimmest numbers yet.

For #13, your choices are Joey Harrington, Darius Johnson, Billy Joe Tolliver, Adam Froman, T.J. Yates, Danny Kannell, Chris Mohr, and Tony Graziani. That's like a graveyard for quarterbacks who either didn't play or barely played in Atlanta,

Mohr is the best player here. He spent four seasons as a perfectly decent and durable Falcons punter, and those four seasons represent about as much as all the other guys above combined. That might be a little depressing, sure, but at the same time Mohr can't help his company on this number. Let's just salute a successful punter and keep on trucking.

This is one of those numbers you just kind of shrug at. A tip of the cap for Mr. Mohr, however.