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Looking at the current Atlanta Falcons roster, who has the most NFL coaching potential?

Fact: Matt Ryan taught Lebron James how to dougie

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It's an interesting time in Atlanta Falcons history. There's a new head coach. There's a consistently above-average franchise quarterback. There's a healthy mix of seasoned veterans and young players with potential. There's a talented coaching staff. The future really is bright, folks.

Looking at the current Falcons roster, there are several leaders with incredible football smarts - guys you could see in a coaching role at some point. ESPN's Ashley Fox wrote an interesting article about former NFL players that go on coach in the NFL. One interesting statistic she points out: since 2000, only 25 percent of NFL head coaches played in the NFL.

So what Falcons could go on to coach in the NFL? For our purposes, let's not limit it to head coaching jobs.

Matt Ryan is the logical choice. He's now a grizzled veteran and his football acumen is impressive, to say the least. William Moore and Paul Worrilow are also good choices; both men undisputedly know how to command and coordinate a defense. Jon Asamoah is my sleeper pick. Sure, he's just a lowly offensive lineman, but Asamoah's teammates rave about his football IQ and fundamental understanding of the game.

Am I missing someone? Discuss!