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What is your earliest Atlanta Falcons memory?

Where it all started for you as a Falcons fan.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

We all have our treasured and tragic memories of the Atlanta Falcons, but only one of those memories is the first one. That one can leave an indelible mark on a young fan as he or she goes on to support this incredibly frustrating, occasionally amazing football team.

Today, I'm looking to collect your first memories of the Falcons. I've written about this before in some fashion, but my earliest concrete memory is watching the Falcons beat the Saints in the 1991 playoffs. The final score was 27-20, but in my memory it wasn't all that close, with Chris Miller enjoying one of his finest games as a professional, Mike Rozier bizarrely leading the team in rushing and all-time Falcoholic favorite Michael Haynes going nuts with six receptions for 144 yards and two touchdowns. That was a damn fun team, and as first memories go, a pretty terrific one.

What's yours?