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Falcons Uniform History: Norm Johnson Rocks #9

George Rose/Getty Images

If you happened to come of age at a certain time, your first concrete memory of a Falcons kicker is Norm Johnson.That's fortunate, because Johnson was also a mighty fine kicker.

He's also our obvious choice for the finest Falcon to wear #9. His chief competition is former Falcons punter Michael Koenen, who was a perfectly decent punter for Atlanta for six full seasons. Considering that, Koenen would be a fine choice, but kickers are more valuable than punters most of the time, and Johnson was simply a better player than Koenen.

Consider that Johnson hit over 80% of his kicks all four years in Atlanta, for starters. Consider his eye-popping, league-leading 96% accuracy on field goals in 1993, with just one miss to mar his year. It's not enough for greatness, and Johnson was no Matt Bryant or Morten Andersen. But Johnson is one in a long series of fine kickers to come through Atlanta, and the most deserving choice here.

Look for #10 tomorrow.