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Atlanta Falcons season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles should be interesting

Fact: Chip Kelly invented the Cupid Shuffle

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons will kick off week 1 of their 2015 campaign against the Philiadelphia Eagles. Because the football gods like to torture Falcons fans, it's a Monday night game. We'll be forced to suffer through an entire Sunday of other teams trying to remain unbeaten. Fun.

The game against the Eagles will begin a 3 game stretch against NFC East opponents. While the firing of Mike Smith and subsequent hiring of Dan Quinn will keep the likely ill-informed commentators busy for at least a quarter, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly might dominate the conversation. Kelly has endured considerable criticism this off-season, with former players publicly ridiculing his approach. You see, like Quinn, Kelly prefers to have his players practice at a fast tempo. And some argue it's too fast.

Week 1 is symbolic for Kelly. It could be a statement win for the third year head coach. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie gave him control over "player personnel" in January, so in a very literal sense, these are his guys. Meanwhile, on the other sideline, Quinn and his merry band of defensive gurus will try to counter Kelly's fast paced offense with their own unique brand of fast, physical defense.

Chip Kelly-related story line or not, it's a game we're all looking forward to. Your thoughts?