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How much of an improvement should we expect from coaching alone?

Food for thought on a Monday night.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

When we discuss Dan Quinn's potential impacts on this Falcons team,those of us with any optimism in our heart tend to cite his commitment to an aggressive, physical defense. If we're feeling very optimistic indeed, we may reward the Falcons more wins in 2015 because of his mere presence, and the sense that he and his staff will be a definite upgrade.

While I'm not here to quibble with that—I'm one of those optimists, after all—I do wonder just how much of an improvement we can expect due to coaching alone. It's easy to point to an upgraded corps of linebackers, a potentially improved offensive line and some of the other key additions of the offseason and figure out each player's worth. It's harder with coaches, who have a very direct and tangible effect on the teams they lord over, even if that results is sometimes hard to quantify.

So I'd like to hear from you directly. How many wins are Dan Quin and his staff worth in 2015, and how much will this Falcons team improve overall?